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Kalaimanuia was the daughter of Kukaniloko, the first of the famous female Mo'i of Oahu that ushered an era of peace for some time over the entire island. Kalaimanuia favored dwelling in Kalauau. At Kuki'iahu with her mate Lupe kapukeahomakalii. Son of Kalanuili and Naluehiloikeahomakaalii. Kalaimanuia is credited with creating some of the surrounding fishponds of Puuloa (Pearl Harbor) Kapaakea, Opu, and Pa'aiau.
During the end of her peaceful rule. She divided her deeds and land amongst her children. War came soon enough between her sons over the rule of the island.
Generations later war reached Kalauao. When the brother of Kahekili II, Kaeokulani of Kauai decided to make an attempt at taking Oahu from Kahekili II's son and heir Kalanikupulei. After a couple of battle across the land, Kalanikupulei emerged victorious with the aid of Capt. Brown in the ship "Jackal" and another ship the "Prince Leboo" (as mentioned in an earlier post titled "Aiea"). The Battle of Kuki'iahu left Kalanikupulei and the forces of Maui and Oahu weakened and prime for the taking by King Kamehameha of Hawaii island.
The lo'i once found here before modern times were fed by Kalauao stream and a spring located near Kuki'iahu. Which is most likely the same spring feeding the present day watercress field. Kalaimanuia's fishponds are gone, but the outline of Pa'aiau fishpond can still be seen on the shore of Harbor Center at the end of Hekaha St. Starting at the mouth of Waimalu Stream and ending at the modern dated fishpond behind Best Buy at the end of where Kanuku St. would meet the ocean.
Some other legends about the area speak of a man that could go for long periods of time just sleeping. After being mistaken for dead he was taken to Kauai, but later woke up and managed to return home to his grieving family in Kalauao.
The next time you visit the pearlridge mall. Try to remember the name of this ahupua'a and stop mistaking this entire area as Pearl Ridge or even Aiea. For it is not.

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